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GMail Task

GMail TaskAnother reason why GMail is my favorite web mail. – GMail Tasks.

Rejoice to the peoples who use countless “to do” list with epic failure like me,¬† fret not as GMail has come to the rescue!

Inevitably for busy people (or at least pretending to be) having a successful to do list is crucial – it make you look busy and still impress people ūüėÄ What I know so r (and I believe a lot of people do) is that no one “to do list” apps last long. Those agree, please stand up.

The reason being:

1. You need to install it – Big turn off when using company machine

2. It’s not effective – Try remembering “Buy shirt” – when u forget the reason, you will ask, for what !@#$%^& purpose did I need that?

3. The apps tend to be too dumb or overkilled – either one AGAIN turn me off from using it.

But saviour come in many form – mine come in GMail Tasks.

The best reason to use Gmail Task? If you spend 10 percent of your daily life checking email – this might work for you (it work for me!)

Look at the snap below, you can create a list by just typing it, Voila! It happen there and then Рno apps to install, over kill feature.  It even have reminder.

How to get & use it?

Follow this link http://mail.google.com/mail/help/intl/en/about_whatsnew.html

Are you G1 or G2?

Today Sunday Star (23rd September 2007) , Joceline Tan provide an interesting article of Chinese’s affiliation and factor in their political concern in Malaysia.

In her article, she refer to Sim of MCA think tank Insap deputy chairman, that in general there are 2 Chinese social and political sentiment.

G1 – Subscribe to “3 pillars of the Chinese community‚ÄĚ – Chinese schools, Chinese media and Chinese organisations or hua zong. Comprise 85-90% of the 6.5 million Chinese in the country.

G2 – Typically not Chinese-educated; they speak English and include a large number of Christians, the peranakan and also those who are part of the Lions and Rotary Clubs set. Comprise 10-15% of the Chinese population.

So are you G1 or G2?

Further reading at here

Summary of this post is based on information from Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd.

Art & Tech Mix Nicely.

Who says art and computer can’t be beautiful subject, in fact I am sometime impress not just by the capability of computer but by it’s design as well. Cray’s X-MP and Thinking Machines‘s Connection Machine series such as CM-2 and CM-5.

I also found out, that the art & design of supercomputer just like technology itself can evolve beautifully as well.

MareNostrum Entrance MareNostrum View From Top & Bridge Myrinet interconnect fabric MareNostrum Layout

Picture source: Barcelona Supercomputing Center andPower.Org

This is really another nice piece of work from Richard Mille


This was the dance now No # 1 in YouTube, wasn’t sure what the fuss about until you watch it, quite fun actually. The dance is done by Filipino prisoner.

Optimus Prime – 1:1 Scale

Now this is what I call bad ass Optimus Prime, picture here is the real size truck use to film the Transformers movie.

Click for bigger picture.

Optimus Prime Truck.